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It's Bean a long time coming.

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

First post lock-down portrait, the epic  Sean Bean. Completed and ready for the exhibition!

I have been wanting to shoot Sean for an age but our paths have never crossed. So I was thrilled to have snapped him for an extra special exhibition that shall be happening at the end of Oct, on Park Lane in London later this year! 🤞 

We spoke of local dialects, things we would have done differently and #JohnHurt. So I was indeed in my element in the company of Sean and his gorgeous wife Ashley. 

I also saw with my own eyes the scar which #HarrisonFord gave Sean above his left eye. Apparently a fight scene went a little awry during the filming of #PatriotGames Very excited to flick through our shots later on and hope they are

all #Sharpe (badda-boom!!)

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