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"Would you like mayo with that?

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Another sneak peek into my unseen archive, as part of my 30th anniversary of being a ‘celebrity photographer’ I am posting some #outtakes.

Somewhere in a deep bleak forest in Pennsylvania the stupendous #AdrienBrody became the first #Oscarwinner to make me a sandwich. Fact.

I shot Adrein in Pennsylvania during the filming of 'The Village'. As the film was being shot in the middle of nowhere all the actors were living on a farm together; almost like a 1960s love in. There was #SigourneyWeaver #WilliamHurt #JoaquinPhoenix #BryceDallasHoward all in this movie world kibbutz. In the lounge of Adrien’s dwelling he had set up a whole array of keyboards and computers where he was making his “own music”, a short of hard-core, heavy drum beat lead noise. 

Space and light was limited as it was late afternoon by the time my taxi driver had found the farm, so I had to blast though the shoot as quick as poss. But Adrein got into the shoot straight away and it flowed very well; with the shoot peppered with conversation of ‘The Pianist’. Which is probably one of my favourites war based movies. This shall be a movie I shall return to this weekend as we celebrate #VEDay.

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