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Who? Not Filch!

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

The UK’s equivalent to Kevin Bacon!

Of course I adore photographing the Hollywood glitterati and capturing iconic faces. BUT now and again I have the pleasure of spending time with phenomenal character actors and hear the anecdotes that have peppered their very long career.

David Bradley is the UK’s equivalent to Kevin Bacon! He has worked with practically every actor you can think of. With his down to earth Yorkshire mindset and pin sharp wit, I can see why he is every directors ‘go to’ person when they need a deep, complex, yet uneasy character.

Everyone will know him as #MrFilch the caretaker of #Hogwarts in the #HarryPotter movies…and until the end of time he shall always be linked to Filch. But I first saw him on screen in OUR FRIENDS IN THE NORTH, which also launched the career of #MarkStrong and some guy called #DanielCraig.

Though recent years I’ve loved his standout work in #Broadchurch, acting along side @simonpegg in #HotFuzz and #TheWorldsEnd; playing the father of @rickygervais in #AfterLife and he even turned up in #GameOfThrones. But personally I ADORED seeing him portraying William Hartnell’s #TheDoctor as the original #DrWho alongside #PeterCapaldi incarnation.

Long may Mr Bradley shine and fill our screens with intense, hilarious, slightly creepy and sinister people.

…also he made a fine dancer in the Jack Savoretti music video of YOUTH & LOVE

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