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Vegas baby!


Thrilled to announce the launch of my new exhibition.

To celebrate The Grammys I have curated an exhibition of iconic musicians which I have shot throughout the years and have been the soundtrack to my life.

This vast eclectic show which is entitled

‘ANDY GOTTS - THE PLAYLIST’ covers a multitude of music genres, from Heavy Metal to Classical, from Country to Brit Pop…a little something for everyone.

To accompany your viewing pleasure of the exhibition I have made up the official PLAYLIST for the show. I have chosen music and classic songs which features the musicians hanging in the exhibition.

The show launches on Friday 2nd February at the Animazing Gallery in The Palazzo Hotel, Las Vegas. This event also shall be my first official solo show in the US, so if you happen to be in Sin City please do pop in and see this amazing collection.

Oh, and don’t forget…what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!!

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