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The name was Bond, James Bond!

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

“Ah Mr Gotts, I’ve been expecting you.”

I have been fortunate enough to have photographed many actors who have played James Bond and possibly a future one(!). The lovely #PierceBrosnan and I have shot a number of times. The most recent was at his glorious pad in #Malibu. Pierce was walking his dog when I arrived on his drive. I was greeted with the Bond-esque ... “Ah Mr Gotts, I’ve been expecting you.” I have been called the #Goldfinger of photography, so that welcome did make me chuckle

We had met up to do a shoot for the #SaveTheArctic campaign for the ever campaigning #VivienneWestwood. The premise was literally a sea (not frozen) of famous faces wearing her special designed T-shirts. These shots would then be used to raise awareness. The glorious people I met whilst shooting these type of camping is very rich. But it makes things feel very fluffy and warm when you get to meet up with old chums as well as making a difference.

Happy birthday Mr Brosnan!

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