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‘Thank you, but no.’

“Rejection is the grain of sand in an oyster, that niggling irritation which ultimately produces the pearl” - Andy Gotts⁠

The first of two exhibitions being launched in September (you lucky people!) at Maddox.

'Thank You, But No', is a solo exhibition that is a very personal one for me. The three decades of treading down the path of a celebrity photographer has not always been champagne and canapés…I had many, many, many rejection letters to my request of photographic sittings.

These letters I kept over the years to spur me on and as a painful reminder I need to try harder if I want to achieve. Keeping to my motto WWAD (what would Avedon do).

The 'Thank You, But No' exhibition is a retrospective and celebration of my favourite 'rejections', and how I tracked down the senders of the rejections notes (in The Terminator style) and turned them into his most illustrious monochromatic portraits.⁠

On show at Maddox Westbourne Grove location from 30th September - 9th October.

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