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So, Butch!?

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Here is a portrait of the iconic Paul Newman that I have never shown before. As part of my 30th anniversary of being a ‘celebrity photographer’ I shall be sharing photographs from my personal archive that I have kept private over the years.

One of the highlights of my career, without doubt, was spending time with this legendary actor. Paul was the most gentleman of gentleman. Kind, witty and always had a knowing smile. Yes, he was a legend in the world of cinema. Yes he made tasty salad dressings. But not many people know that every single year, he donated $10M to charity.

"Hey you’re One Shot Gotts!”

The reason I have kept this specific shot to myself over the years is this shot was taken at the very moment Paul gave me the nickname OneShotGotts!! He would not believe ANY photographer could get THE shot so quickly. So when I exclaimed…’Mr Newman, we have it!” He retorted with a huge smile “Mr Gotts your reputation is justified, you really are a one shot guy, Hey you’re One Shot Gotts!” I’m pretty sure he is currently sitting on a cloud somewhere challenging St Peter to a hard boiled egg eating challenge.

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