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Seven Hours & Sixteen Days

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

I wanted to share this very powerful shot from my shoot with the outstanding human, Andrew Scott. This shot is a sneak peek from a special exhibition that shall be happening in October/November in London.

‘...are you ready?

Andrew was a dream to shoot and be around. He is one of those people who does not put up barriers; or just want their ‘good side’ to be seen in the shots. After we did the entire shoot of iconic and quirky snaps we sat around chatting over a drink. I was speaking about venerability in art and rawness in the natural face. The subject turned to crying/men crying in images. So i suggested, as we were still all set up, that we should try to capture a shot with these raw and vulnerable qualities.

I asked him what headspace he would need to be able to create a tear. I joked and asked him if I should pinch him on the arm…which caused a chuckle, not the desired affect nor the best idea! Andrew sat in front of me looking down and his feet. He said ‘are you ready?’

He lifted up his head and at that moment one tear rolled down his cheek and I captured this salty trickle at the perfect moment. I only took this one shot of the ‘tear’ image as I actually felt I was intruding in a moment he was having, even though this moment was specifically created to take a shot. It felt too personal as he was obviously thinking of something painful to cause the tear.

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