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RIP Ming The Merciless

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Very sad news of the passing of the epic

Max Von Sydow

Loved shooting the legendary Max Von Sydow.

He has played some of the most iconic roles in cinema, including; Emperor Ming in Flash Gordon,, Father Merrin in TheExorcist, Blofeld in Never Say Never Again, Jesus in The Greatest Story Ever Told, Dr Ingram in Awakenings. And a couple of my personal favourites...the evil Leland Gaunt in the Stephen King classic Needful Things and Major Von Steiner in Escape To Victory. Even today he appears in current classics like Game Of Thrones and Star Wars.

This shot was taken in the South of France, one blissful summers day. Listening to anecdotes of Ingmar Bergman and TomCruise...

...and people ask me if I love my job??

Max passed away away at the grand age on 90.

RIP Max.

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