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Oh What a Serkis!

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Probably one of the most diverse actors currently on the silver screen! Andy Serkis is without doubt one helluva talent, with a mind that works equally as fast. I remember at our shoot when we were speaking about the roles he has had over the years and how he conjures up the bodily moments. Now take it from me, sometime when you ask actors to ‘preform' a little they ‘need time’ to prepare. Not quite to the point of method acting, but they cannot just turn it on.

“Why don’t you just try acting dear boy?”

It reminds me of the story of when Dustin Hoffman was preparing for a scene in the movie Marathon Man he stayed awake for three days so he looked ‘out of it’ and fatigued. His co-star, Laurence Olivier’s retort when seeing this was “why don’t you just try acting dear boy?” …and this leads me to the point I am making about Andy Serkis…he can just ‘do it’. he has the ability of pulling these rabbits out from his hat. We captured the whole process of this during our shoot. I said I would take 9 or 10 frames very quickly in succession and each time i pressed the shutter realise I would shout a character he has portrayed and he needs to acted the part for the shot. I went through the whole gambit of parts from King King to Ian Dury, to Gollum, to Caesar, to Supreme Leader Snoke, etc, etc…and each from he pulled off the character perfectly.

Have a look through the contact-sheet and see if you can pick out which character he is portraying in each frame!

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