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Never Say Never

When you say something that is a little tongue-in-cheek and years later it bites you on your behind.


Once Upon a time...

In 2008 there was a stark out of the blue announce by music royalty Ringo Starr. He made a little video, which he shared on his social media, stating he would never sign (autograph) ANYTHING ever again. The glorious Beatle even mentioned the exact date, 20th October, when he would end putting his pen to paper. Vowing he would never do it again.

"Nothing will be signed after the 20th of October!"

I made a little video of his announcement...

As you see things change! Did the following 10 years mellow Mr Peace & Love or was this original outburst just the result of a bad day over the hot drums?

What I can say is spending the afternoon at the LA home of this megastar has been a highlight for me. Ringo was so down to earth and 'normal', unlike some other rockers from his generation. I think we clicked when I pointed out he was the same age as my father...and also my first crush was his Bond Girl wife Barbara Bach!

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