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Hidden Gem

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

The unpredictable time of lockdown has provided me with a few gems.

Whilst keeping myself busy going through my files to finishing off a couple of books (which details I shall furnish you with very soon) I have uncovered a few unpublished shots.

Here is a beautiful unpublished shot of #IanMcKellen. It was taken during a project I was working with #VivienneWestwood 7 years ago. This was just a lighting test before the actual I was playing with a VERY shallow depth of field. I wanted to make sure I had his eyes in focus and not just the tip of his there was lots of tests going on...moving him forward and back just millimetres.

I actually love this test shot and find it a shame it was never used, just kept in my files. So I thought I would give it a well overdue airing!!

#ianmckellen #viviennewestwood #savethearctic #celebrityphotographer #oneshotgotts #AndyGotts #Xmen #lordoftherings #gandalf #thewonderfulthingaboutwizards #lighttest #dof

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