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Hidden Gem

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

The unpredictable time of lockdown has provided me with a few gems.

Whilst keeping myself busy going through my files to finishing off a couple of books (which details I shall furnish you with very soon) I have uncovered a few unpublished shots.

Here is a beautiful unpublished shot of #IanMcKellen. It was taken during a project I was working with #VivienneWestwood 7 years ago. This was just a lighting test before the actual I was playing with a VERY shallow depth of field. I wanted to make sure I had his eyes in focus and not just the tip of his there was lots of tests going on...moving him forward and back just millimetres.

I actually love this test shot and find it a shame it was never used, just kept in my files. So I thought I would give it a well overdue airing!!

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1 comentário

What a beautiful gentleman. And what a beyond description photograph. As a painter I see everything as an oil painting. and this would be a stupendous painting., For too long photography has been deprived of it's due as "fine art". The argument that the machine does the work is wrong. It's the eye that does the work, just like mine. Rarely does one see a photograph like this one. It's just excellent

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