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Faces Of Soccer Aid

Proud to announce the launch of a new major exhibition in September 2022!

It’s no new or shocking news to say I'm not really a fan of sport, more of a movie buff; and for the vast majority of my three decades career I have shot my lovely actors. So imagine my surprise when i was approached to shoot the teams of Soccer Aid 2021.

Due to the pandemic we could not really do a lot with them…so I left the shots in my bottom draw next to copies of The Face and PlayPhotographer. I then shot the teams this year for Soccer Aid 2022….and low and behold we now have an exhibitions to show!

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the teams and having a fun few days with them. I took my usual stance of doing an iconic shot (people looking miffed) then a photographic contact-sheet of the sitter generally being silly. Seeing the likes of Wayne Rooney and Arsene Wenger larking around was well worth the two years! Also taking a duo shot of Usain and Mo was pretty much a highlight…if only for the hilarity of the height difference.

You lucky people can own a co-signed print and support @unicef_uk’s work for children worldwide 💙 My exclusive works will be on display at Maddox Gallery in Westbourne Grove, London.

The show and bidding opens on 30th September.

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