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'Captain, my Captain.'

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Another from the Gotts-Vaults, and yet another unpublished shot to celebrate my 30th anniversary

I absolutely adored Robin Williams I was fortunate enough to have met the man a couple of times but the last time was the most poignant; and this is why I have kept this specific portrait to myself.

“This is Mork signing off, nanu nanu.”

We had arranged to have a shoot in #NewYork whilst he was promoting his one man gig. Robin was on fire that day, literally. He had a stack of identical black T-shirts and after every 10-15 minutes he would change into a fresh one as he antics on and off camera was causing mass perspiration. He was telling anecdotes, doing impressions….the guy was never ‘off’. At one quiet moment we sat and had a coffee and he was telling me about his life. He told me of the time he was out partying with #JohnBelushi in LA the very night Belushi died at #ChateauMarmont. Robin spoke of the effect of someone that special to him dying. It was during this conversation I took this reflective shot.

Robin was a tortured genius. All of us have demons we fend off, sometimes daily, but for some the fight can be too tiring. Yes, Robin played the perfect clown, his energetic delivery was infectious, but personally it was his understated acting roles that made him something special .#DeadPoetsSociety #OneHourPhoto and #Insomnia o name but three. Rest well Captain, my Captain.

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