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Bourne to be wild

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

My unseen archive portrait for today is #Oscar winner actor, Jason Bourne action man and all-round good egg #MattDamon.

Matt is as lovely as you want him to be and luckily I have been in his company a few times. It’s a funny old world in the life of ‘actors’ as the community is surprisingly small and most people have mutual friends that you happen by. Ive loved watching Matt in all his escapades (maybe not so much in #TheGreatWall), but without doubt The Martian has been one of my favourites.

I think it's not just his character as someone abandoned with virtually no hope of survival, just making the most to make things work and keeping spirits up. You don’t have to be on Mars to have similar feelings, especially in the current times we are living through. #StaySafe

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