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Black+White Photography

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Lovely article about my photography published (26th Nov 2020) in Black+White Photography magazine!

For the first 19 years of my sparkling career every photograph I snapped, on my trusty Mamiya RB67 was monochrome; and usually on #Kodak Tri-X. This lead to my career being known as a ‘black and white photographer’. I love the whole monochromatic style and look to photography. I am a huge movie buff and love the old black and white flicks and witnessing how the director and the lighting cameraman (or DoP as they are called now) light scenes and especially people absolutely fascinated me.

Also, from a more scientific angle…if you see something in colour it goes to the logical side of your brain, whereas if you see something in monochrome it is diverted to the creative side of your noggin. So it takes more work for your brain to fill in the gaps…so subconsciously you are thinking more about the aesthetic than the content.

Loving the #ScarJo cover! The cover of the actual magazine has a mat finish and it looks stunning.

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1 Comment

Simon Fletcher
Simon Fletcher
Dec 04, 2023

Loved seeing these shots!

i trained at Watford with Raymond Moore, one of the gurus ofB&W

he got me using 120 format which I only stopped using when Bridgeman London told me they had to have digital, shame!

like Mr Gotts I used Mamiya, wonderful cameras

many thanks

Simon Fletcher

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