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104...and not out!

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Ladies and gentlemen please be upstanding to wish a very happy and champagne filled 104th birthday to the double #AcademyAward winning glorious movie legend Miss Olivia De Havilland.

“Mr Gotts are you in a hurry to begin or shall we share some champagne?”

I visited Miss De Havilland, one of the last of the #Hollywood 'Golden Age’, at her glorious home in Paris. She welcomed me with a huge radiant smile with the words “Mr Gotts are you in a hurry to begin or shall we share some champagne?” How could I refuse such an invitation! We sat In her chic lounge sipping a chilled Dom Perignon. She spoke of #ErrolFlynn and their relationship which they shared during the seven movies they made together. We also spoke of her double #Oscarwinning sister #JoanFontaine and the famous frosty relationship they endured. Miss De Havilland said “My sister was born a lion, and I was born a tiger, and in the laws of the jungle, they were never friends.” Just before we finished our second glass of fizz, she asked if she could quickly peruse some of my portraits (I had a handful of 10x10 prints of actors from Hollywood’s Golden Era that I’ve been fortunate enough to shoot.). Miss DH stopped at my shot of #LaurenBacall, which I shot shortly before she passed away. She raised her hand to cover her mouth a a tear rolled slowly down her cheek. She looked at me and said “Oh Mr Gotts she looks so sad.” And with her eyes still dewy we began our shoot. 

My memories of my time with the last living actor from #GoneWithTheWind in Paris will always be treasured ones. 

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