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Book Description:

‘The twelve minutes’ allotted time soon stretched to over an hour and a half—You want George Clooney? OK. And before I knew it, Brad was on the phone to George setting up my next link. And at the end of it all, when we’d finished comparing which actresses were hot and which were not, and my shots were in the can, he gave me a big enormous hug and said the shoot was the most fun he’d had in ages.’

Degrees’ is loosely based on the ‘six degrees of separation theory’ and the world famous cinema game ‘The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon’; this is the theory that you can connect ANY actor you can think of to Kevin Bacon.

Andy Gotts has had extraordinary access to the world’s most famous faces. Over 100 A-list actors feature in this fascinating collection of photographs and anecdotes. Each actor Gotts photographed then suggested a best friend, or someone they really admired, as the next person. This gives a wonderful chain of ‘who knows who’. Dustin Hoffman suggested Brad Pitt, Brad suggested George Clooney, George suggested Julia Roberts, Julia suggested Susan Sarandon, Susan suggested Paul Newman, Paul suggested....etc.

Two weeks before he died Sir Alan Bates wrote a text for Andy Gotts – it was his last penned work – and is included as a foreword. Sir Alan had suggested Pierce Brosnan as his 'connection', and Pierce has written a tribute to him. As an afterword, Kevin Bacon himself plays the ‘six degrees’ game, linking himself back to Sir Alan Bates, by just using the actors photographed for the book.

Andy Gotts' percentage from the sale of this book will be donated towards the 'Degrees' project to raise funds and awareness for diabetes research.

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